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California Competes Credit. Gold Rush Redux?

By Jeffery L. Morris

Last year, California significantly revamped its business incentive landscape, terminating its enterprise zone credit program and enacting two new programs. This article focuses on the new California Competes Credit program, which is California’s first negotiable tax incentive program and which becomes effective in 2014. Based on the law and the recently issued emergency draft regulations, the article discusses and comments on all aspects of the program, including the somewhat unusual process for evaluating applications. 

On January 24, 1848, gold was discovered on the south fork of the American River at Sutter’s Mill, creating a stampede of prospectors seeking riches in the famous Gold Rush. On July 11, 2013, Governor Brown signed A.B. 93 enacting a trio of economic development incentives, inviting a stampede of businesses seeking riches by investing and creating jobs in California. These incentives include a sales/use tax manufacturing exemption; the New Employment Credit; and the California Competes Credit (“CCC”)... 

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Unclaimed R&D Benefits Is your business getting the "credits" it deserves?

By Greg Elias

Since 1981, a research and development (R&D) credit has been part of the U.S. tax particularly small and mid-sized ones -- have failed to take advantage of it.

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Research and Development Tax Credits and Continuous Improvement

By Tax Projects Group

Significant cash refunds and future tax savings are available through the Research and Development Tax Credit. In an effort to increase domestic R&D spending, and thus stimulate the jobs marketplace, final IRS regulations have been issued which have opened the door for many more companies to qualify for the R&D credit through their development activities. These activities include not only.... read more

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Recent Extension and Modification of the Research Credit Provides New Opportunities for Financial Institutions

By George Elias and Michael Krajcer

With the two-year extension, AIRC enhancement, and a new simplified method, the research credit offers a more attractive opportunity for financial institutions than ever before..... read more

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Research Tax Credit - An Often Overlooked Opportunity

By Greg Elias

Research Tax Credit Available for Internal Use Software Development. Significant opportunities under the R&D regulations exist to secure tax credits for software development. The definition and qualifying criteria of internal use software (IUS) is not yet formally published as the IRS definition of IUS contains subjective terms and includes additional test beyond Congress intent, resulting in ambiguous and conflicting guidance.

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