Los Angeles Telecommunications Utility Users Tax Refund Application Date Extended Until May 20th

By Jeffery L. Morris

If your company paid the Los Angeles Telecommunications Utility Tax (“L.A. UUT”) from October 19th, 20015 through March 15th, 2008 you are eligible for a refund. Fortunately, the  deadline has been extended to a postmarked-by date of May 20th, 2016.

For companies with a large number of employees in Los Angeles, the 10% tax would have been significant during this 29 month period. For prior coverage on the Ardon v. City of Los Angeles lawsuit and settlement refund opportunity, click here

The Claims Administrator established a web-site,, but the site does not offer assistance or contacts to collect the records necessary to document the refund. Further, the $50 safe harbor is based on legal entity not number of telephone lines. Meaning even an employer with thousands of employees would be limited to a $50 safe harbor refund for its landlines unless actual documentation is collected. 

We provide a turn-key documentation solution, using a letter of authorization to collect documentation directly from your telecommunication carriers. This documentation may include invoices, Los Angeles telecommunication expense documentation and calculation of the amount of Los Angeles telecommunication tax collected during the qualifying periods. For a graphic overview of the opportunity and our service methodology, click here

To review the Documentation Update Article and our service methodology, click here

To set a time for a call to discuss, please send an email to me at or call me at 949-637-2309. You can also reach Ryan Smaligo at or by phone at 714-640-8688. 


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