Property Tax Services

Property tax is one of the largest recurring operating expenses associated with tangible asset ownership. Many owners are unaware which items or costs are taxable, which items are being assessed or how property is being valued.

Think treats tax services as business opportunities by uncovering ways property tax can be used to positively impact the bottom line. We assist clients in identifying tax saving opportunities by reviewing their tangible property portfolio and associated property tax assessments and liabilities. This initial analysis is referred to as our Property Tax Diagnostic. If savings opportunities are identified, the course of action required to achieve such savings are discussed with our client, as are the associated costs/benefits to in be incurred/realized.

Our property tax professionals specialize in complex properties typically found in the energy/utility, chemical, hi-tech, manufacturing, telecommunications and transportation industries. Additionally, we have expertise in a wide range of commercial and industrial properties such as corporate office headquarters, multi-tenant office buildings, regional shopping centers, industrial warehouses, manufacturing plants and hotel/casino properties.

Property Tax Services include:

Ⅰ. Valuation Appeals

Prepare valuation analyses to achieve assessment reductions on real and tangible personal property through informal negotiations or through the administrative hearing process.

Ⅱ. Personal Property Compliance

Perform complete property tax services, including valuation analysis and protest, personal property compliance, tax bill processing and tax bill payment.

Ⅲ. Property Tax Consulting

Prepare obsolescence studies, useful life analyses, cost of capital studies, forecasts of cash flows, market transaction studies and other general consulting reports.

Ⅳ. Pre/Post Acquisition Due Diligence

Determine the impact an acquisition will have on future property taxes. This service may include:

  • Preparing pre/post acquisition property tax forecasts
  • Preparing transaction summaries and analyses for assessmentofficials
  • Consulting on property tax strategies to be used in filing real estate transfer tax declaration forms

Ⅴ. Litigation Support

Assist a company’s legal representative in a property tax appeal by:

  • Reviewing the opposition’s valuation report
  • Preparing a review appraisal
  • Testifying as a fact or opinion witness
  • Assisting with the development of the overall case strategy and preparing deposition and cross examination questions

Ⅵ. Exemptions

Review fixed asset listings and remove non-existent or non-taxable cost items. Prepare the necessary forms to obtain property tax exemptions for:

  • Pollution control equipment
  • R&D equipment
  • Freeport exemptions

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