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At Think, we systematically screen your business activities and deploy our proven Think Relocation & Expansion (T-REx) methodology to tailor location and incentives solutions based on your tax posture and operational needs.

We Provide:

  • Location Analysis (including customized state tax impact)
  • Nationwide Statutory and Discretionary Incentives Representation
  • Incentives Optimization and Compliance

Our approach is different than the typical rear-view mirror after year-end approach to reviewing wage and investment information. Instead we’ll work with you on an internal communication strategy to telescope events before they occur ( e.g. hiring, lease renewal, investment ).

Unless you work with state tax economic development professionals before events occur, you will obtain a small fraction of your incentive benefit potential. Moreover, you’ll miss opportunities to obtain cash based incentives not requiring an income tax liability (e.g. employee wage withholding incentives).

State economic development officials understandably would like to influence economic decision making as opposed to rewarding after-the-fact hiring and investment decisions. This is evidenced by many states changing laws to no longer reward job credits unless approved in advance (e.g. Arizona, Colorado). You will have a manager assigned to your account who will work with you throughout the year to identify and obtain approval of incentive generating events before they occur. This level of personal attention is a very different approach than claiming after-the-fact statutory incentives.