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We assist companies with sales and use taxes, including:

  • Single Issue Refund Claim Representation
  • Reverse Audit Representation
  • Voluntary Disclosure Agreement
  • California Sales and Use Tax Audit Defense
  • Sales Tax Compliance
  • Planning

Single Issue Refund Claim Representation

We’ve performed state by state research on the taxability of specific products and services. Based on that research, we’ve developed detailed technical support for non-taxable treatment of certain products in specific states. With the appropriate technical, contractual and quantitative documentation, we believe you will qualify for state and local sales/use tax refunds. These refunds may be pursued directly from your vendors or through state and local tax authorities. We will collect documentation, draft technical support, prepare the refund claim and provide representation services with vendor and/or state auditors.

Reverse Audits for Refunds

An often overlooked opportunity exists in performing a reverse audit for refunds. Recovered taxes for overlooked exemptions and exclusions from the tax base. We have given companies back hundreds of thousands of dollars based on purchases for which use tax was accrued.

Voluntary Disclosure Agreement

Our Sales/Use Tax Nexus & Voluntary Disclosure service focuses on assisting you in becoming compliant and mitigating any past and prospective sales/use tax liabilities. Our nexus review provides an analysis of your activities by state to determine if you are properly complying in jurisdictions for which sufficient presence is established. We look at factors such as property locations, payroll, location of personnel, inventory locations, and the nature of your product or service delivery. We provide you with a nexus chart depicting your activities by state along with recommendations regarding how to manage any new jurisdictions where you are failing to comply with registration and filing requirements.

If nexus is established in a taxing jurisdiction for which you are currently not in compliance, we will pursue voluntary disclosure agreements with the respective states on your behalf. We negotiate the most favorable settlement possible without compromising your identity. And, we quantify the tax liability and present those findings to the tax jurisdiction. We also provide you with detailed schedules and a report of our findings to substantiate the voluntary disclosure agreement. Additionally, as your partner, we work with you to establish procedures to prevent the need for prospective voluntary disclosure agreements.

California Sales and Use Tax Audit Defense

Your audit representation will be led by a former California State Board of Equalization auditor and former Big 4 Senior Manager. We will manage every step of the audit including:

  • Meeting with the auditor and devising an equitable audit plan,
  • Retrieving invoices and organizing items based on exemptions available,
  • Reviewing all audit work papers in detail, including the audit methodology and sampling procedures,
  • Identifying overpayments to incorporate into the audit work papers
  • Determining if proposed penalty and interest assessments can be waived
  • Documenting and presenting all findings to you and the auditor, and
  • Pursuing unresolved issues through the appropriate channels, with your approval.

We focus on helping you reduce proposed sales/use tax audit assessments. And, we will provide you with recommendations designed to eliminate prospective tax errors in the future.

Sales Tax Compliance

We have partnered to provide you with a complete outsourced solution to monthly sales/use tax return preparation and filing. We customize this service to your specific needs and situation.

We establish and implement our monthly workflow process, which generally includes data accumulation, return preparation, filing and payment. We also prepare management reports and maintain scanned images of your records, all available via our web-based reporting feature. And, we manage tax notices and tax jurisdiction dialogue on your behalf. You can be assured that all applicable returns are filed timely and correctly with the taxing jurisdictions.


We help companies address the sales tax consequences associated with significant events impacting sales/use tax liabilities

  • Due diligence acquisitions
  • Large capital asset acquisition
  • Data center addition
  • Geographic expansion
  • Analysis of service versus TPP for true Object Test